Having heard that Lahore is undergoing a tremendous makeover, I was chagrined to see a bridge which connects the city suburbs to the highway, does not have any side blocks. I trembled with fear when my brother drove on the busy bridge. We nearly missed falling down and I do not know how many would have. My brother told me that it has been in this condition for many years and one small patch of an approaching road from the highway remains in terrible condition or is usually closed for perhaps nearly two years. I wish the CM Punjab would at least pass this bridge un-escorted to find out how hazardous it is.

Shahbaz Sharif has come across as a caring and concerned CM and this is a blessing for Punjab, but he would resolve more issues, if like our Caliph’s, he would go alone sometimes to areas in the city he does not visit often, to see their condition. His ‘rapid bus’ project may benefit a few commuters on the said route but if he repaired all the roads, not only the major ones but the back roads as well, he would help reduce traffic jams and help the people on a larger scale. The roads off Mall Road such as Hall Road, Beadon Road and Laskami Chowk are in great disrepair. Davis Road is crying out for help and so many more. Also the traffic wardens are posted on main roads, where the elite can be comfortable, while leaving congested areas such as Shahalmi, Sadar to encroachers and vendors.

In my visit to Sader Bazar, I saw a complete disregard for traffic laws near Katchery, Dehli, Dacca, Saghir Bazars. There were no traffic wardens to monitor worst possible mess. On the other hand, just two furlongs away, on Girja Chowk and the adjoining roads there were hordes of traffic sergeants clustered together doing nothing but waiting perhaps for VIPS or high officials.


Mirpur, November 14.