RAHIMYAR KHAN - Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA) has issued fortnightly figures of domestic cotton production. Accordingly, all countrywide ginning factories have so far received seed-cotton (phutti) equivalent to 8,519,075 cotton bales up to 15th November, 2012, that’s 550,257 bales (7pc) in excess to previous year corresponding arrivals.

However according to PCGA report seed cotton arrivals in ginning factories of Punjab are 5,723,266 bales up to 15th November which are less to the tune of 363,354 bales (7pc) than corresponding date of last year whereas arrivals in ginning factories of Sindh are 2,795,809 bales that are 913,610 bales (48pc) higher than corresponding date of last year. The PCGA report further informs that textile mills have purchased 6,659,663 cotton bales from the ginning factories, among which 142,728 bales have been exported whereas 1,716,684 bales are lying unsold with the ginning factories during the said period, including 992,710 pressed bales and 723,974 un-pressed bales (in shape of phutti). The leading cotton producing district is Sanghar with arrivals of 1,180,593 bales that constitute 14pc of total arrivals of Pakistan and nearby 42pc of arrivals in Sindh. Commenting on the PCGA report, Ihsan-ul Haq, ex-Executive Member of PCGA told that total national cotton arrivals up to November 15, 2012 are in accordance with the earlier estimates.

However, textile mill owners have tried to depress domestic cotton prices through import agreements of nearby one million bales of cotton from various countries and it is apprehended that such move will ultimately harm cotton growers. Hence Government of Pakistan should immediately launch cotton buying through TCP so as like other cotton growers of the world, Pakistani cotton farmers also get fair price of their produce.