On November 15, I watched a live session of Sindh Assembly on TV in which MQM Governor Dr Ishrat Ibad gave his consent on the controversial law of SPLG which was conveyed to the members. The Opposition members strongly protested against it, which was not new, but the kind of language used by some treasury ministers must have hurt everyone, who believes in decency and good manners. One of the ministers Agha Siraj Durrani, used strong language while addressing the protesting female members of the opposition, whereas the senior minister Pir Mazhar used the words ‘shut up’ repeatedly to Ms Nusrat Abbasi.

The Deputy Speaker Shehla Reza was heard passing acerbic remarks, interrupting the opposition member’s speeches. On Mr Khuhro’s instigation, senior minister Pir Mazhar presented a motion for censure of the opposition which was passed; this was open highhandedness on the part of treasury benches. I suggest that the PPP leadership should send the treasury members to a good school where they may learn some manners in order to behave properly in the House particularly with female members; otherwise, if such attitude continues it is bound to distort the already bad image of PPP.


Karachi, November 16.