HYDERABAD - HAFEEZ SHAIKH - Blaming the judiciary for releasing criminals, Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon said that 35 persons were released on parole in 2003 but never summoned on any hearing of their cases since then.

Speaking at ‘Meet the Press’ programme at the Press Club on Sunday, Memon remarked the judges were scared and claimed that it was the present government which nabbed notorious criminals and terrorists including the assailant of journalist Wali Babar. He said conspirators attempted to create law and order situation in Karachi but the dutiful officers foiled the conspiracy and controlled the situation.

To a question, Sharjeel said Karachi situation is also the result of a conspiracy and added that calling the Army was not a solution to the problem. ‘Rangers too is a part of armed forces,” he said.

He said 126 police officials sacrificed their life performing the duty while Rangers headquarter was also attacked but the government continued to fulfil its duty. Commenting over the Karachi situation, he said that the military operation is not solution of the issue. ‘The decision of imposing ban on motorcycle riding was made due to the security concerns’, he added

Lashing out at the PML-N leaders, Sharjeel said they are now exposed for corruption, selling their conscience and ambushing people’s rights in 1990. “Now we will not let them escape from the country.” The Sindh’s Information Minister claimed that the Pakistan People’s Party government could overthrow the Punjab government whenever it wished. He said that the Sharif brothers are the biggest thieves in the country.

The Information Minister said the next general election would be fair and free and held on time. For which an independent Election Commission has been constituted, he argued.

He claimed the Pakistan People’s Party would sweep the polls in Punjab. He counted the achievements of the Pakistan People’s Party-led government including 18th Amendment in the Constitution for provincial autonomy, NFC Award, surrendering powers by President Asif Ali Zardari.