PESHAWAR - Qaumi Watan Party (QWP), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Chairman, Sikandar Hayat Khan Sherpao Sunday condemned Israel’s attack on Gaza and the killings of innocent people.

He urged the United Nations to take notice of the Israeli brutalities in the region. Addressing a public gathering here at Tehkal Bala, he said the Security Council and Orgnisation of Islamic Conference should take practical steps for the solution of Middle East problem. He said the Israeli action would further destabilise the region, therefore stern action must be taken against them for the sake of peace.

Talking about the ineffective policies of the government, he said the flawed economic policies and rampant corruption led the economic instability of the country.

Quoting a State Bank’s report, he said Pakistan’s total debt and liabilities had reached an alarming figure of Rs 14,561 billion against Rs 6,691 billion of pre-2008 figure. “The total debts and liabilities of the last four years are more than double the total of such amounts accumulated during the first 60 years of country’s independence,” he said. “Chairman National Accountability Bureau (NAB) also said that massive corruption of Rs 350 billion has been done in development projects worth Rs 15,00,” he said.

The QWP leader said funds meant for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of flood and militancy-hit areas were also embezzled by the government, adding that the rulers were busy spending this public welfare funds lavishly.  He warned the rulers would be held accountable for such massive corruption. He said the so-called champions of Pakhtuns’ rights had failed to protect the interests of people living on this part of the country, adding that the people would reject them in next general elections.   

“The so-called nationalists failed to come up to the expectations of its people and left them at the mercy of robbers and dacoits,” he said.

The exacerbating law and order, unemployment, price hike and injustices have further increased sense of alienation and deprivation among the masses, he said. He said QWP would make sincere efforts to steer the masses out of prevailing crises and take all stakeholders on board to restore peace to the region.

Sikandar Sherpao urged to reject the unscrupulous and incompetent rulers in the forthcoming general elections and elect sincere leaders to put the country back on track to