LAHORE - The Seeds of Peace’s two and a half days mock parliament ended at a local school here on Sunday, according to a press release.

Mock parliament was a simulation of the House of Representatives of the US Congress. Fifty-five students from 19 government, semi-government and private schools of Lahore participated in this event. The students acted as elected members of the US Congress (House of Representatives) and discussed various important issues related to America and American people.

At the opening day, Seed of Peace Mock Congress 2012, the participating students elected US president, Secretary of States and Envoy to South Asia. Jahannoor Bano from LGS Defence Phase-I, was elected as President (to adopt the role of Barak Obama), Khizrah Naveed from LGS Defence Phase-1 was elected as Hilary Clinton, whereas Ushna Aamir from LGS Defence Phase-V was elected Richard Holbrooke.

On day-2, the students worked in two standing committees namely, Committee on Economic and Foreign Affairs as well as Committee on Social and Internal Affairs. Each committee discussed current issues that are important for the people of America and the committees were supposed to discuss those problems and deduce bills on different issues such as U.S foreign policy, social issues and economic policy. The mock Congress ended by a debate on the proposed bills and their acceptance or rejection. The Public Affair’s Officer (PAO) of the US Consulate, Lahore Ms. Brinille Ellis distributed the certificates among the participants. During certificate distribution, best participants were announced from every school. The students also shared their experience of being Representative of American Congress. Overall, mock Congress was a great success brought about by a diligent team of 19 members, who put their best effort into making it an informative and interactive session.

Seeds of Peace aims to equip new generation with the relationships, understanding, and skills needed to advance lasting peace. It also promotes interfaith harmony, mutual understanding and a sense of respect among youth.