SAHIWAL - Speakers a conference paid rich tributes to Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA), his family members and companions who sacrificed their lives during the Karbala Battle.

Addressing the participants of Hussain Conference held under the auspices of the Imamia Organisation Pakistan in Baldia Hall, Dr Muhammad Afzal Qadri, a leader of Minhajul Quran Pakistan, said that in Karbala, Imam Hussain (RA) came forward as the representative of righteousness while Yazid was the representative of evil. He said that Imam Hussain sacrificed his life to save Islam. Qasar-e-Batool Khateeb Muhammad Hassan Masoomi in his address said that Imam Hussain sacrificed his life only for Islam.

Sahiwal Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Muhammad Hussain Zahid said that lawlessness in the country was the result of non-implementation of the divine laws. He stressed the need for shunning differences and becoming united. Bazme Raza Chairman Sheikh Ejaz Ahmad said that Imamia Organisation was rendering precious services to promote unity among the Muslims.

Maulana Zakiul Hassan, DBA Present Malik Muhammad Hussain, Qamar Ali, Syed Shahid Hussain and Shamsher Hussain Zahid also addressed the conference. They said that the best way to pay tribute to the great sacrifice of Imam Hussain is to oppose the followers of Yazeed and follow in the footprints of the great Imam.

"We should support the righteousness and should fight hurdles and troubles for the promotion of Islam. The life of Imam Hussain is a source of guidance," they said.