LAHORE – Ameer Jamaat-i-Islami Syed Munawar Hasan on Sunday said that the situation in Gaza was worsening with every passing day, and the world community and the United Nations must come forward to stop Israel’s brutalities.

Talking to JI leaders, he called upon the Pakistan government to convene an emergency meeting of the UN to raise the issue and seek the support from the Muslim world especially Egypt, for the Palestinians.

He said that it was high time that Islamabad should now abandon US slavery and play the role of the leader of the Muslim world for the liberation of Palestine and Kashmir.

Hasan also stressed upon the Muslim Ummah to forge unity in its ranks in order to protect itself against the ongoing terrorism by the enemies of Islam. He also urged the Muslim rulers to join hands to stop the undeclared war against the Muslims and for the liberation of Palestine and Kashmir. He said that scores of innocent Palestinians had been martyred and hundreds others had been injured in the ongoing Israeli strikes on Gaza. Israel was continuing siege Gaza and was also threatening ground attack in clear violation of international law. It was high time that the world community and the United Nations stopped the Zionist brutalities. He said that it was only due to the US backing and patronage that the Zionist state was out to thrust a war on Palestine. He said it was an irony that instead of condemning Zionist terrorism, the US had declared that Israel had the right to defend itself.

This clearly meant that Washington was justifying Israeli raids. He said that if Washington really wanted world peace, it would have to give up support for Israel and India on Palestine and Kashmir issues and also stop the bloodshed of the Muslims all over the world.