In a recent news item I learnt that more than 50 percent of the tax evaders in Pakistan are in their thirties and below, our youth, which is the custodian of our future, does not think it is their moral obligation to pay taxes. This is indeed an alarming trend and our tax authorities must nip this evil in the bud before this young generation holds the reigns of this poor country in the near future and continues the corrupt standards set by the present government. It also raises doubts as to the moral and ethic values that we are teaching our youth. Are they capable of taking this country out of the slum of corruption that is prevailing?

Imran Khan keeps talking about the brilliant, valiant and noble youth of Pakistan but we see no sign of them if this trend continues. I must laude the media that they bring such issues to light so that we can wake up from our lethargy and start working for a better tomorrow and a prosperous Pakistan


Karachi, November 14.