The Pakistani cinema and film industry has remained in a steep decline for the last decade, the major chunk of the responsibility falling on the constant production of low-budget movies based in rural areas of the country. A large part of the cinema going audience holds the opinion that these movies tend to eradicate the very essence of film production that involves quality cinematography, brilliant scripting, a well thought out plot and perfect execution. However, a major chunk of the audience would like to disagree with the former notion; believe it or not, a lot of people like watching these low-budget movies!

There is no doubt the kind of movies being produced in Pakistan, sell. With an extremely limited financial backing, amateur actors and work crew, a cheap rural movie in which the damsel in distress is saved by the superhero is what you get. But is “Waar” a turning point for cinema in Pakistan? The question posed is answered by the huge amount of popularity the action flick gained post release and much more after. Cinemas throughout the country were literally jam packed, the audience was highly anxious to find out what this new movie feature was all about.

Well not exactly new; new perhaps to the Pakistani film industry that had tried to produce something much like the mainstream Hollywood movies that we all love so much. With the bilingual dialogues, much of which was English, fake American accents and a lot of sheer action, it’s pretty obvious what our producers were attempting to have a go at. And admittedly, although there is a lot of space for improvement, it was a decent attempt. Good job Omer Manzoor and Hassan Waqas Rana.


Lahore, November 15.