ISLAMABAD - Pakistan future tennis hopes Alina Aftab and Mahin Aftab vowed to earn laurels for the country if the federation, sponsors, and governments lend them helping hand to appear in the maximum international events.

Talking exclusively to The Nation on Monday, Alina and Mahin said: “We have not lost hope yet as when there was no ray of hope, Fauji Fertilizer Company (FFC) lent a helping hand to us. They have nominated us as FFC Sports Ambassadors and promised us to help in traveling to Europe and Asian tours. We will submit the details of the expenditures to them required to appear in the international events.”

“As we are quite young and not crossed 18-year age barrier required fulfilling their legal requirements, the FFC cannot offer us contract, but they have promised to support us in best possible way,” they added.

“When no one was ready to support us in achieving noble cause for the country, Fauji Fertilizers came forward to support us. We were closely watched by a team of FFC comprising Brig (R) Niazi, Col (R) Nasrullah and Hamid Abbasi over an hour while playing semifinals against top 2 ranked ladies,” they stated.

Alina Aftab and Mahin Aftab - two talented sisters have already created waves in tennis circles by grabbing third and fifth positions in national female rankings at the age of 13 and 11 respectively. Alina, 13, is currently No 3 seed in females, No 2 in U-18 and top seed in U-14 rankings while Mahin, 11, is No 5 seed in females, No 3 in U-18 and No 2 in U-14 rankings. Both the talented girls have climbed to such high rankings in just 7-9 month time period.

These bright girls had played in Spain last year under the world's top coaches, who had pinned great expectations from them and even offered them permanent residency in Spain, but the young sisters refused to accept that offer, as they wanted to represent Pakistan only at international levels, both sisters are die-heart fans of Williams Sisters and wanted to win laurels for the country just like their mentor did for the US.

Earlier, ZTBL has been offering them monthly stipends and now the FFC took the responsibility to support the future of the country. Both of the girls are showing plenty of that by playing grinding tennis with full of stamina. They are brilliant students of O levels-1 and class 7 respectively. Roots school international also has given them 100 per cent scholarship in studies.

Their father also paid rich tribute to the managing director FFC. He said despite the fact his daughters were not celebrity at the moment but still they recognised their talent at national level. In the end Alina and Mahin vowed to remember these institutes, even when they would accomplish the task of playing in the WTA events, as, they were supported when they were nothing in tennis.