LAHORE - Food minister Bilal Yasin has said that illegal profiteering in the province has come to an end and that the prices of essential food items have been stabilized at appropriate level.

Presiding over a high level meeting of price control committee (PCC) at Civil Secretariat on Monday, the minister added that the government was utilizing all resources to ensure provision of inexpensive essential food items to the people. He held the PCCs, which had been set up in all districts, were fully activated against artificial increase in essential items rates. Yasin said that Prince Control Magistrate had checked 6898 markets and shops during the last 16 days and registered cases against 1602 persons for overcharging, hoarding and under weight selling of essential items. They were penalised (Rs.1.68 million fine), he added. Prices of 19 essential items, along with vegetables and food had been stabilized at appropriate level, according to the minister. As many as 2936 petrol pumps were checked and 36 petrol pumps were sealed in last 10 days, said the minister, adding the penalty of Rs.3.8 million was levied for overcharging and under selling against petrol pump owners. He directed the administration to ensure selling of rotti of specified weight throughout the province.