A period of 16 consecutive years has passed but the 1,100 students of Govt Boys Higher Secondary School Badiana in Pasrur are still waiting for teachers, basic facilities like furniture, building amidst various politicians’ promises.

Moreover, both the government higher secondary schools for boys and girls in Badiana Pasrur tehsil have been lying without their teachers and their heads since a long.

Local notables including Haji Noor Hussain Mughal, Naeem Ahmed Butt, Abdul Rehman Sheikh, Shafaaqat Ali Ansari, Jamshaid Gujjar, Muhammad Afzal Gujjar, Hameed Gujjar, Hafiz Muhammad Aslam, Nazar Hussain Butt, Zahid Afzaal Mughal, Muhammad Aslam Mughal and Shahid Suhail said that the school was upgraded to higher secondary level 16 years ago. Since then, it lacked teachers for the higher classes, furniture and building for the higher portion. The school has no headmaster as well, they added, saying that the students were forced to get education while sitting on the ground under the open sky in even winter due to which dozens of students were getting sick daily.

They pointed out that the same situation was also there in Govt Girls Higher Secondary School Badiana (Pasrur tehsil). The notables added that the girls’ school was upgraded to higher secondary level in 1996 but was till facing the same issued. They said that they repeatedly brought the situation into the notice of local political representatives and other officials concerned, but all these efforts still remain fruitless due to alleged lack of interest by them. The notables have urged Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to look into the matter and ensure early provision of furniture, building, appointment of teachers and the heads of these schools.