KARACHI - Law enforcement agencies on Monday surrounded the troubled area of Lyari and claimed to have killed three more gangsters in an alleged encounter here.

It is to be noted here the area is remain under the influence of Lyari’s notorious gangster Baba Ladla.

Ladla’s dominated areas, including Dubai Chowk, Phool Patti Lane, Shah Baig Lane and Bihar Colony were remain cordoned off by security forces from the last three days. The areas were sealed following the killing of their fellow cop by the Ladla’s men on Saturday.

“Our focus is on the gangsters of both the groups – Baba Ladla and Uzair Baloch but Ladla and his men are our priority,” said Lyari DSP Shakeel Ahmed.

Ladla’s men killed our fellow cop and police would not let them free. Sources privy to the matter revealed Uzair Jan Baloch has a soft image and strong routes in political circles and he would get clean chit. The authorities have decided to eliminate Baba Ladla because of his hardcore posture. Sources pointed out that Baba, who promoted Uzair as chief of Amman Committee, is still present in Lyari. Uzair, having strong political backing, is getting shelter in the house of a key political figure in the City’s posh area. 

A police officer posted in Lyari pointed out that they do not have permission to interfere in Lyari matters for the last many years but now they have given a task to wipe out the gang of Ladla.

Constable Essa lost his life and another head constable Asad Mehmood was wounded when the police party entered Ladla’s dominated area in an armored personnel carrier.

The gangsters killed during cross firing with the law enforcers in two separate raids. However, no policeman was killed or hurt in the encounter. All the three gangsters were killed and their bodies were taken to Civil Hospital for autopsy and later handed over to their families.

They were later identified as Sarfraz Ahmed, Wajid and Yasir. Sarfaraz and Wajid, associated with Faisal Pathan group, were killed during an encounter with the police in Gulistan Colony, the stronghold area of Pathan. Faisal Pathan is the chief operational commander of the Uzair Baloch gang. However, Yasir who was associated with the Baba Ladla gang was killed during an encounter with the police in Dubai Chowk area of Lyari. The victims, according to law enforcers, were involved in various cases.

At least seven gangsters have so far been gunned down during separate alleged encounters with the law enforcers in Lyari since the killing of a cop on Saturday. Four gangsters were associated with the Faisal Pathan gang and the remaining three from the Baba Ladla gang. Efforts of law enforcers are yet to give fruitful results as the inhabitants remain stuck in the town.