LAHORE  - Pakistan Institute of National Affairs (PINA) has appealed intellectuals, professionals, religious scholars and academicians to come forward and play their role for ensuring peace, harmony and tolerance in country. This appeal was made at a special meeting of the Executive Committee of PINA on Monday.  The meeting was presided over by PINA Secretary General Altaf Hasan Qureshee and attended by Prof Shafiq Jallandhary, Prof Razaul Haq Syed, Prof Ejaz Hasan Qureshi, Jhanagir A Jhojha Senior Advocate of Supreme Court, Eminent Columnist. Salman Abid and others.

The executive committee condemned those elements which are bent upon to creating fissure among the Umma to spread chaos in the country.

The committee noted with appreciation that the entire media had risen to the occasion. The media covered and disseminated the sad episode of Ashura in very responsible manner, which helped arresting the flaring up of the sectarian fire further.

Equally appreciable is the reaction of the Ulema of all sects that they had appealed in their speeches for observing peace and tranquility by their followers.

PINA hoped that as a result of the Commission’s report on the incident, strict legal action will be taken against the culprits of the heinous crime of killing and arson in Rawalpindi.

PINA observed that the Provincial Government of the Punjab also has set up an administrative committee to probe into the evil event. PINA however suggested that this committee may be complemented with neutral and non-controversial persons from the civil society, which would add credibility to its findings.