RAWALPINDI : Right after the two day-long curfew was lifted in Rawalpindi, the shopkeepers started fleecing the residents by artificially raising the prices of daily use commodities.  The shopkeepers doubled the prices of milk, eggs, vegetables, fruit, bread and other items in the garrison city, while the citizens had no option than to pay the inflated rates as they had been housebound for three days. Due to shortage of fresh milk in various areas, it was sold on as high price as Rs140 per liter.  The profiteers sold tomato at Rs400 per kg, potato at Rs120 per kg, onion at Rs100 per kg, eggs at Rs250 per dozen and bread (roti) at Rs10 per piece.

The residents expressed annoyance over the profiteering by the shopkeepers. They said that the profiteers were taking advantage of deteriorated condition in the city. They said that they had nothing at homes to eat therefore had no option to purchase the commodities on higher prices.