Nurses and relatives of a Government Nursing School’s nurse, whose dead body was found dead along the Kh Safdar Road near Bhed Pulli locality of Sialkot Cantt area, held a protest demonstration against her alleged rape and murder.

According to the administration of the nursing school, Madeeha Hanif, 20, had left her room of a private hostel in Saturday evening by saying that she was intending to go back to her house in village Ratta Jathol, Pasrur tehsil here to spend her weekly holiday there. She had been residing in a private hostel on rent in Muhammadpura-Sialkot adjacent to this hospital. When she did not return on Sunday, her roommates- informed her family that she was missing.

Meanwhile, her body was found from Bhed Pulli locality of Sialkot Cantt early Monday morning. Some unknown accused strangulated her and threw her body there.

The her family members and the dozens of nurses staged a demonstration by keeping her body on Commissioner Road Sialkot Cantt in front of the Govt Allama Iqbal Memorial DHQ Hospital Sialkot to lodge strong protest against the brutal murder. They also kept the traffic blocked for one and half hours, demanding immediate arrest of the perpetrators.

They said that she was murdered after her rape or gang rape by some unknown accused. However, the hospital management said that the post-mortem report will confirm either she was raped, gang-raped or not.

On the report of slain nurse’ father Muhammad Haneef, a wireless operator in Punjab police, Sialkot Cantt, has got a case registered Under Section 302, 34 PPC against unknown accused with no clue or arrest so far.

Police officials said that the doctors have conducted the autopsy and sent some samples to Lahore for chemical examination and after the result, the reason of murder and cause of murder would be clarified. However, no one confirmed that she was raped or gang-raped before murder.