Politicians including Imran Khan talks about the option of blocking NATO containers. Without blaming the game-plan of US, it can be assumed that this would distort things; however it would be best to comment upon our own flawed approach of dealing with things.

We banned NATO supplies back in 2012, following the incident at Salala check post and what did we actually earn by doing so? The matter was resolved by the US giving lip service and a mere ‘sorry’, nothing else! What guarantees do we have that the reimposition of this ban would turn out to be advantageous for the state this time round? What guarantees that Pakistan would not be tactfully overcome yet again?

Taking up the matter at UN Security Council is an option put forward by Mr Khan but it has been seen that the UN has done nothing to curtail US’ advances in most Arab countries. I am doubtful whether this step would be of any use to Pakistan as history proves that the UN cannot take decisions on its own.

We could definitely strengthen our sovereignty by standing on our own feet by turning away all kinds of financial aid and relying on our own natural resources.

Some, however, say, this dependence is the reason why we are still alive as a country. We must not simply become an ally of those who are trying everything to push us down in the grave of foreign aid. Developing our own resources and gaining succor from them will be crucial to secure a bright and secure future.


Lahore, November 12.