Information minister Pervez Rashid emphasizing that the root cause of all evil is hiding facts has said certain information are even concealed from Prime Ministers (PM)s, who had no access to certain information in the past.

“Governments conceal several information from their prime ministers as information about Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto oath and certain things about Kargil episode were kept secret  from PM Nawaz Sharif. On the other hand BBC broadcast the conversation took place between Pervez Musharraf and Gen (Retd) Aziz. In the past, even PM had no access to certain information”, he said this while addressing district bar association Islamabad with reference to access to information Tuesday.

“Concealing the information imply that it is flawed in one way or other. On one hand achievements of the government are admired. Million of rupees are spent on their publicity blitz and the expenses incurred as such are met out of national kitty. Pictures are displayed for personal aggrandizement but these elements become fearful for providing information at government level”, he added.

He observed “ when the governments keep the information secret , they in fact conceal their evil deeds. However there should be some law in place for not concealing the secret information.

He underlined “whatever things are kept secret they give rise to evils. The information should be published and not concealed. We can curb corrupt practices only if we are given access to the information”.

Punjab government presented bill on access to information in the past and now this law would be approved at federal government level, he remarked.

He went on say that electronic and print media had shown responsible attitude on Rawalpindi tragic incident and provided information to the people on  this incident through careful selection of footage and words. Every Pakistani respects media, he added.

Had we not raised Pervez Musharraf matter these days  he would have left the country and gone abroad and this would have been said that we had given safe passage to Musharraf . Reports were  circulated in the past that government and Musharraf had struck some deal which had no substance, he held.

He said no report on concealment of any information from PM has been received so far. Political parties achieved the democracy and parliament through struggle, he said adding court would prosecute the case against Pervez Musharraf. This is domain of the court and government of Pakistan is petitioner. Pervez Musharraf had been granted bail in all cases. Had he gone abroad at present then courts could do nothing against him, he added.

PML-N senator Zafar Ali Shah said drone campaign was started against Pakistan since 2004 which is against the sovereignty of the country. It was also kept secret and no information was provided on this count, he pointed out. Wrong rumors were spread on social media about Rawalpindi tragedy, he added. India published Hamood ur Rehman Commission report but it was kept secret in Pakistan, he indicated.