The growers from across the district took out a rally in protest against “what they called” anti-growers and agriculture policies of the government and demanded measures on war footings to provide the growers with suitable price of their agriculture produce.

Participants of the rally, which was led by Amanullah Chattha General Secretary Central Rice Committee of Kisan Board, raised slogans against the government for imposing arbitrary Agriculture Income Tax and other unrealistic polices of the government. The rally which started from the district office of PKB Alipur Road paraded through main thoroughfares and staged a sit-in at Fawara Chowk.

Addressing the growers, Mr Chattha lashed out at the government for its anti-growers policies. He said that Karnal paddy was being purchased by the arthies at Rs1400 as against Rs2,300 per 40 kgs last year. Similarly, procurement of sugarcane price has not been increased for the past three years whereas no action could be taken against the sugar mill owners for not making payment to the growers. He said that sugarcane was still being purchased at Rs170 per 40 kgs despite the fact that rates of agriculture implements and electricity tariff had become intolerable.

He regretted that despite the Punjab Chief Minister’s promise to declare the district as calamity stricken, no such order could be issued so far.

He demanded waiving of ‘abiana’ (water rate), electricity bills and other government arrears in the flood affected area. He also demanded construction of spur on the left side of River Chenab to save the villagers during future floods.