LAHORE: ClickBus has announced the launch of a delivery model of bus tickets at doorsteps.

ClickBus is the first and only online bus ticket booking platform in Pakistan. It had launched its operations in Oct 2014 in the country, and has more than 18 companies on board providing this facility for inter-city bus travel in major cities. Passengers who buy their tickets in advance on will have their tickets delivered to their doorstep. The option is available in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad for tickets, but the tickets must be bought at least four hours in advance.–PR

 Once the ticket booking is confirmed, ClickBus will dispatch a rider from an extensive in-house network, who picks up the ticket from the bus company and delivers it to the customer’s given address for cash payment.

 “ClickBus is the only online bus ticket booking platform in Pakistan, and because we are the forerunners, we have to come up with innovative solutions to reach our objective of encouraging bus travel within Pakistan. By making the booking process more and more convenient for customers, we benefit all in the process: customers and bus companies,” says Tayab Hasan, Managing Director ClickBus Pakistan.

ClickBus implemented the additional service to avoid uncertainty of booking confirmations and to benefit the partner bus companies who run less risk of no shows. The users are able to book their tickets online 24/7, compare the best prices to over hundreds of destinations and have their tickets delivered hours before their trip. It saves passengers the hassle of having to call different bus companies to compare prices and check timings, standing in queues or arriving hours before departure to get their tickets.