ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) manager marketing Fahad Ayaz continue to bring bad name for the country as he hosted a dance party at the open area of Pakistan Sports Board Allama Iqbal Hostel late Monday night.

Despite being forbidden not to hold the party from the federation as well as by the Pakistan Sports Board’s (PSB) top brass, as already serious threats were received by the PSB from different terrorists outfits, but to no avail as Fahad was not ready to listen to any suggestion and created a mayhem at the premises. The function did not go unnoticed as the noise of full volume music attracted the police at the venue and inquired about what was happening. The PSB officials looked completely hapless, as despite their resistance, the show continues unabated for late night and a dance party followed with players sitting on the chilled floor of the hostel.

The most tarnishing aspect of the entire saga, which brought a bad name for the country was that Bhutan team was not even given meal till the time of departure and the entire contingent left on Monday night without eating anything. Who is responsible for such a harsh and rough treatment rendered to visiting team?

PSB deputy director hostels Malik Imtiaz Hussain when contacted said: “We have arranged diner for not only departing teams of Bhutan and Afghanistan but also for the remaining teams and officials. But Fahad came to me and he wanted to handover the meat and chicken so he could arrange his party outside Allama Iqbal hostel compound. I told him about the extreme weather and sensitivity of the situation as we had already received number of threats from different corners, but no heed was paid.” Same guy was involved in physical brawl with Afghan spectators only yesterday and to make things even worse, Fahad without realising the ground realities go ahead with his proposed party. It is the national, moral and official duty of Pakistan Football Federation president Makhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh Hayat to take stern action against the guy, who poses himself as close relative of the PFF boss. Any delay in action could raise questions about PFF president's impartiality and it would send a very negative message to others as well.