LARKANA- Preparations are in full swing for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's (PTI) public rally, to be held on November 21st in Larkana.

PTI has made the stage and decorated the venue at Ali Abad area of the city. Posters and banners of party chief Imran Khan are put up everywhere. Party leader Nadir Akmal Laghari has claimed that millions of the Sindhi people would participate in the rally. Yesterday, the party was formally allowed to hold the rally in the city. Deputy Commissioner Ghanwanr Laghari told media that the city administration would cooperate with the party in its show.

Referring to his upcoming jalsa in Larkana, Imran Khan had said that the people of Sindh have been cheated by the PPP since last several years in the name of Bhutto and now he would lead them to justice.