LAHORE - Though the PTI high command is not clear about the outcome of the relaunch of Azadi campaign on November 30 but it has planned to employ the tactic of shutterdown and wheeljam strikes to press the government for the acceptance of its demands, The Nation has learnt.

Besides employing shutterdown and wheel jam strike tactics, PTI is also considering holding a march on Raiwind if the ruling party fails to comply with demands of Imran Khan as a result of November 30 Azadi sit-in afresh at D-Chowk.

Close aides of Imran divulging strategy outline of November 30 sit-in to this correspondent on Tuesday informed that top leadership had decided to go for shutterdown and wheel jam strikes if the ruling party failed to comply with their demands after re-launch of Azadi sit-in at D-Chowk.  When asked, did PTI enjoy strong links with transporters and trade community to implement its plan of shutterdown and wheel jam strikes, they claimed, “PTI enjoys support base in the entire business community including the transporters and traders who will take all measures for the success of party plans”.

They said, “Party’s top leadership has directed PTI supporters in the business community to start lobbying for shutterdown and wheel jam to include maximum number of businessmen in the political action”.

Asad Umer, PTI senior leader and part of party’s policy-making, when contacted, confirming the development said, “We will take several actions within the ambit of the Constitution including shutterdown and wheel jam for the acceptance of our demands through the re-launch of Azadi drive on November 30.”

About the target of people’s participation in November 30 programme, he said, “The central organisation of the party has not given any target to the provincial and other tiers of leaderships for bringing certain number of supporters on November 30. However, the provincial, regional and district leaderships are free to take decisions concerning this matter.”

Commenting over the query concerning political alliances, he informed, “PTI will forge anti-government and electoral alliance with regional parties of Sindh and Balochistan only and there is no possibility of alliance with any mainstream party.”

About the possibilities of inviting MQM for anti-government campaign, he said, “There is no possibility of inviting the MQM at any stage for anti-government or electoral alliance.”

Responding to a similar query relating to PAT, Asad commented, “PAT and PTI have different set of demands and goals, which means we pursue separate campaigns”.

About international fund-raising campaign, especially to feed the November 30 show, he said, “PTI leaders Imran Ismael and Ali Zaidi are in United States for fund-raising and party is receiving funds as a result of fresh drive in the US. The London fund-raising drive is being looked after by London chapter leaders with the time-to-time assistance of Imran Khan from Pakistan”.  About the amount received from abroad so far, Asad said, “I don’t know the exact figure.”

However, some close aides of Imran Khan told this scribe that Rs 40 million had been received from US and London so far as a result of international fund-raising drive of the party.

Sharing some information about November 21 Larkana moot, Asad revealed, “We are not expecting announcement from notable political figures like Mumtaz Bhutto, Fatima Bhutto, Liaquat Jatoi and Ghinwa Bhutto joining the PTI”.

When asked about the reasons behind much propagated reports concerning prominent Sindh politicians joining the PTI, he said, “Some of the notables have no interest in joining hands with PTI, while we have no interest in the case of remaining political figures.”