I would like to request the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) or Pakistan Sugar Mills Association (PSMA) or the Finance Minister, to explain to the people of Pakistan the benefit the country will receive with the export of 500,000 metric tons of sugar. Due to worldwide surplus sugar, the international price has dropped to 320$ per ton, that is almost equal to 34 Rs per kg, while in Pakistan we have to pay 54 Rs per kg for sugar. This means that the sugar mills will be selling at a lower rate than what the citizens of Pakistan pay and this will generate some foreign exchange for the country but the local consumer will suffer. Adding insult to injury, the Finance Minister, has also allowed a 25% tax on all import of sugar, so that we, the people of Pakistan, are not able to get the cheap surplus sugar available from India, Brazil etc. I and every citizen would like to know why the Government and PSMA colluded to create this fake monopoly that increases the price for Pakistanis, from Rs32 to Rs54, a 68% increase? After reading this I feel that our Finance Minister should be ashamed of himself and immediately resign from his post, as he is clearly not fit for the post.


Peshawar, November 14.