In the national assembly today Khurseed Shah of PPP blowed hot and cold about the performance of the ruling party, whereas the other parties can do so with a lot of justification, but not PPP. It was PPP that while passing the baton to PML-N also passed on a whopping, recurring, circular debt of rupees five hundred billion, just to name only one of the many ills of the faulty energy policy of their party leader which helped to turn a healthy 70:30 hydel to thermal ratio on its head.

In the Senate also PPP showed its anger over the governments indifference for not announcing a climate change policy. Having gifted the country with dozens of oil guzzling IPPs and having rejected the only project that could have brought about a drastic reduction in green house gasses with its 3600 megawatts of clean power, it does not behove this party to talk about climate change.


Lahore, November 12.