Since 2016, Pakistan export sector is in a drastic situation which has hurt the foreign reserves and the remittances of the economy. This trend of continuous fall in exports has partly been compensated by the declining global oil and commodity prices. As State Bank estimates, the country’s exports dropped by 13 percent as total exports dipped to $15.6 billion in the first nine months of the outgoing fiscal year from $17.9 billion a year ago with a drop of $2.3bn. Falling exports are probably due to the dual factors of supply and demand. On the supply side the higher cost of production, unskilled labour, investment, and low subsidies are major reasons, and on the demand side, the major factors impeding export growth is the preferences of the others country imports. We have to thoroughly restructure the economy in order to be able to solve these problems. There is the only one way to decrease the heavily indebted economy is in order to increase its export sector. To improve the export of the economy Pakistan needs to increase the level of the budget allocated to the agriculture sector which can only be possible if government gives subsidies to farmers and to train its people for the new farming techniques.


Karachi. October 18.