If Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif should be ready to face the long march of PPP, what date will be announced after the deadline? I would like to tell you that people demand across the board accountability of all those who have been looting the public by misusing their position of authority and who have been fooling the innocent Pakistanis by the veil of democracy. You have studied in UK, which is the parliamentary democracy that Pakistan adopted. Do we have any of it in our country? Thoughtful Pakistanis are fed up of politicians’ lies and hypocrisy. You are lucky enough to start your political legacy as the Chairman of one of the main stream political parties, without doing any social work or political work that most people have to go through to become a leader of or get any office bearing position in a political party. PPP needs to get rid of corrupt leaders, who are now billionaires using their platform to further their interests. Do you have the power to do that? I would like to advise you to read the autobiography of a few political leaders who changed the destiny of their nation. Pakistan is in dire need of a leader who is honest. I should hope you will not disappoint those who have welcomed you to fix the dirty politics of Pakistan? 


Lahore, October 17.