“Balochistan was refused legitimacy for its nationhood with the creation of Pakistan due to the geographical location and the rich natural resources. The story would have been completely different if this had been a barren land.”

–Nilantha Ilangamuwa

Editor and founder of the Siri Lanka Guardian Nilantha also speaks in favour of the people who reside in Balochistan and their rightful woes against their country Pakistan. Where Bangladesh too, was subject to the same sort of neglect Pakistanis have refused to adhere and take warning for their very own history. The leaders continue to make the same mistakes and dig themselves an even deeper grave. Not granting what is due to the Balochis will only result in chaos for us, so few are able to realise that people have now become invariably more informed and aware about any discrimination they may be subject to. The youth in Balochistan will not stand for the age old disenfranchisement that their elders had been subject to. It would thus be better for the government to become more concerned about the ignored parts of this country, especially those parts that are essential for its survival.