All giant fiction writers explained cities in their novels while all the giant South Asians fiction writers were Punjabi, writer Mustensar Hussain Tarrar said in a session titled Cities in Literature which was moderated by Amna Mufti.

Tarrar who enjoys huge fan following speaking at jam-packed Adibi Bethak, Alhamra, The Mall at Faiz International Festival said the cities have been the most important and integral part of the all the prominent novelists across the globe.

He justified his argument with quoting three Nobel Prize for Literature winners.

Tarrar said throughout his literary work he quote and cited the rivers and city’s landscape of Lahore. He said sometimes fiction writer take help from the existing cities to build stories and characters but sometimes when they want to challenge the society which has build so much mess and hypocrisy, the fiction writer build a new cities in their stories.

He considered Qurratulain Hyder the queen of the fiction writing and no queen or king came after the Qurratulain Hyder.  He said Punjab province and its landscape offers a wide range of thinking which lead to the making of great novels.

Mustansar Hussain Tarrar said Albania’s famous writer Ismail kadare, 82, who has been mentioned several times for the Nobel Prize for Literature has also mentioned the capital of Albania, Tirana. “His most famous novel Place of Dreams which were written in the backdrop of Ottoman Rule. In novel people who see dreams were bound to tell their dreams to the office so if anybody has seen the dream of the expected demise of the Ottoman Rule then it would have been prevented. He described whole novel with narrating the tales of his city,” he said.

Orhan Pamuk, Turkish writer who got Nobel Prize for Literature had mentioned Istanbul in more than half of his novels. Yashar Kamal, Turkish novelist, also mentioned Anatolia cities and towns in his novel. He also wrote an unmatchable novel after receiving Nobel Price titled ‘Museum of innocence’.

Egyptian novelist Naguib Mahfouz who won the 1988 Nobel Prize for Literature also shed light on the charters and stories of Cairo and he never stepped out from the Cairo except going to Sudan in his ‘Palace of Desire’.  He said in Ulysses which is a modernist novel by Irish writer James Joyce also narrated the stories of the Dublin to his readers.

You cannot imagine Dostoevsky without Saint Petersburg and Leo Tolstoy from Moscow. He said his own novel Bahao and Basti also created fictional cities. Tarrar said Mazhur Islam reflected Rawalpindi in his writings.  His novels including Punjabi novel Pakheru as well as ‘Faktha’ depicted Mela Cahragha, a happening of the city.