Islamabad  -App-based taxi services between Islamabad and Rawalpindi are charging passengers much more than the rates, such cabs should be treated like any other taxi service citizens demanded to concerned authorities.

According to Private news channel , some commuters complain that most auto drivers have made a habit of fleecing passengers. “It’s hassle free to book a taxi through an app.”

Also, I am picked up from my doorstep and dropped at the exact  destination without any bargaining. But unfortunately, commuters, especially senior citizens who are not tech savvy, have no other alternatives,” said a resident Huma Awan.

A commuter Bushra Fakhar said the cabdrivers also never show ethics to the female commuters and often talk rudely when it comes to fares.

Some passengers claimed they were made to pay double or more fare. They alleged cab companies did not alert the passengers about any surge in prices.

“We got to know about it only when after reaching the destination”, they said.

A resident Samina Chudhry who frequently uses call taxis, says the service is a bad option during peak hours. “Many cab services advertise much lower rates, but when it comes to peak hour charges, they all charge around double of the normal rates,” she says.

“We have received number of complaints from passengers and will form a team to challan cabs,” said a transport department official.