MULTAN - Former prime minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has said that the report of committee on electoral reforms and Khatme Nabuwwat should be made public at earliest.

Talking to the journalists here on Saturday, he claimed that the PPP would come into power after next elections, adding that security issues have been resolved and now the party would hold strong public shows as its elections campaign. He reiterated that the PPP is an ideological party and regards its workers as the most precious asset. He declared that the PPP would hold a big public meeting at Qila Qasim Bagh on December 15 and party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari would address it. He said that the PPP strives for form governments in centre and Punjab.  He said that the local chapter of the party would emerge successful after the public meeting of Bilawal Bhutto and important personalities would join PPP before the jalsa.

He dispelled the impression that the PPP played the role of a friendly opposition. “We’ve always opposed the government on wrongdoings and supported it on justified issues. There is nothing like friendly opposition in it,” he added. He said that the government should accomplish its term for the sake of democratic stability. He said that the PPP always respected the institutions and accepted their decisions.

He said that the Prime Minister could dissolve the assembly but he should complete his term. pointed out that efforts are being made to change the boundaries of some constituencies including the one he contested election from.