Islamabad - Islamabad Serena Hotel continuing the legacy to protect the environment in whatever way possible organised a Clean Up Activity at the F9 Fatima Jinnah Park under the umbrella of Corporate Social Responsibility with the associates to raise consciousness about keeping our surroundings clean , free from thrown plastics and wrappers and educate on using dust bins regularly to avoid littering the capital.

The park clean up activity is organized every year, when more than 50 staff members participate. The hotel staff was distributed in two different teams to cover separate areas and cleaned the entire Park along with the aligned roads.

The activity started with the General Manager Michel A. Galopin addressing the teams. He said: “It is a great activity to promote a positive approach towards cleanliness.

We are all responsible to keep our surroundings clean and pleasant, and Islamabad Serena Hotel will always continue to do such endeavours for the city and its inhabitants”.

He emphasized on the importance of activities in protecting the environment to develop interests in the citizens for them to take care of the environment.