Obeying traffic rules reflect the discipline of a country. Unfortunately we as a nation often lack this. The frequency of traffic violations has risen considerably in the past couple of year. Traffic discipline is really poor, with even four-wheelers seen jumping to red signals more often. With the growing number of vehicles the traffic education is on the decline.

According to traffic police officials, motorcyclists and commercial bus and tanker drivers get 60 per cent of traffic violation tickets or challans. About 15 to 20 per cent car drivers violate traffic laws to deserve similar tickets. Apart from vexation that traffic jams cause, they also hurt the economy in a bad way. A study conducted in Lahore found that traffic congestion costs Rs.47.9 million a year.

But the initial step has been taken form Punjab Government. E-challan is introduced in Lahore for the traffic violators. It all was realized through the joint efforts of Punjab Safe City Authorities and City traffic police. Thousands of cameras, around 8000, installed by PSCA monitors movements of various vehicles in the city. common man are delighted over the inception of this initiative as this would bring more strictness in following the road traffic laws in a country where around 15000 people dies annually on roads. This will also bring more discipline and avoiding more accidents. I pledge to the government to promote mass education of traffic rules in close collaboration with all TV channels or through seminars that will be held in different areas. These measures should ultimately reflect in the overall national character-building and discipline.


Lahore, November 3.