PARIS (GN): The Bronte Soci­ety is hoping to return a rare early book written by one of the famed literary sisters to the UK when it’s auctioned in Paris later. The work is one of six “lit­tle books” written by Charlotte, the eldest of the three sisters, in 1830 when she was 14. The society, which runs the Parson­age Museum in their old home in Haworth, West Yorkshire, has been trying to raise the es­timated £650,000 it needs. The miniature work has been in pri­vate hands since the Brontes’ deaths. The tiny book, which features three hand-written stories, is one of six written by Charlotte, with five known to survive. The Bronte Parson­age Museum already holds the other four. Called The Young Men’s Magazine, the works were created for Charlotte’s toy soldiers and document an imaginary world created by the family called Glass Town. Dame Judi Dench led a campaign to raise funds for the book to be secured for the Bronte Parson­age Museum The existence of the book that is up for sale - measuring 35mm x 61mm and consisting of 20 pages - came to light in 2011 when it was auctioned at Sotheby’s. The Bronte society was outbid by a discredited investment scheme that is no longer operational. Kitty Wright of the Bronte So­ciety said: “This extraordinary manuscript slipped through our fingers in 2011 so we are especially determined to make the most of this second op­portunity to bring it home to Haworth.” Rebecca Yorke, also from the society, said more than 900 people had pledged money to help buy the book. “They have also expressed how strongly they feel that this remains in Haworth, where it can be enjoyed by visitors and researched by scholars and academics,” she told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.