LOS ANGELES-Kanye West wants to tackle prison reform. The 42-year-old rapper insisted his path is dictated by ‘’what God wants’’, and he looks set to follow in wife Kim Kardashian West’s footsteps by doing what he can to tackle some ‘’immediate’’ issues with the justice system in the US.

Speaking to TMZ, he said: ‘’It’s all what God wants. World peace, how about it? One in three African Americans are in prison.

‘’Figuring out ways to free people, free the minorities, free the people with mental health, to go and open up and have conversations...

‘’Some people are locked up for a year, sometimes five years, because they can’t afford a thousand dollars bail. These are some immediate things that are on our mind today.’’

The rapper - who has been open about his faith and bringing his Sunday Service to followers in the US - explained how he tries to listen to God, and he’s willing to embrace whatever direction he’s moved in.

He added: ‘’Well, man makes plans and God laughs - it’s all up to him. I really empty my mind, feel my spirit and leave room for God to guide me. So, I can’t tell you what the plans are. ‘’I do see visions of expanding and changing the shape, like I’ve been changing the shape of choir set up with Sunday service. I like that, my architecture and my art background are changing just the shape of the course that we use... What we’re applying with this music that we’re doing on our album with the Sunday Service.