LAHORE (PR) For the first time in Pakistan, a chain of weight loss clinics are opening their doors across Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. KetoSlim innovates and combines world-famous tried and tested American and Japanese methodologies for weight loss and launches its signature “Weight Loss Program” that claims to “Lose 10 kgs in 45 days”. Unlike the other options that are marketed across Pakistan, this program is by far the easiest to follow in terms of effort by the participants, and clearly the most cost effective. KetoSlim’s signature Weight Loss Program has been developed by its Founder, Dr Ibraheem Naeem, who collaborated with some of the top health and nutrition coaches present in the country. Dr Ibraheem is an MBBS Doctor trained from the Services Institute of Medical Sciences and also attained the MD (USA) degree while spending a few years in USA.