Three more polio cases have been reported in the country, two in KPK area Lakki Marwat and Bannu and one was reported in Larkana Sindh, taking the total toll of detected patients to 69 so far.

So, the major cause, with no doubt, are the parents themselves than the polio workers or government. Since the refusal of the parents to vaccinate their children to polio workers is the main root of spreading and raising of havoc fatal virus in the regions of the country. Even former reaching the workers, they mark their children fingers with a marker to fool and satisfy the workers that they had already vaccinated their children. This is the cause that their children are being diagnosed with this lethal virus of polio.

But it is quite unfortunate that the people or media still blame the ruling government and polio workers in this regard. Even polio workers in our country are being brutally tortured and beaten by the family and parents due to some fake religious theories and talks against the drop of polio.

However, the parents must get the picture of reality and let the polio workers to vaccinate their children in order to secure them from paralyzing despite denying the fact. Then we will be able to make Pakistan a polio-free country like our neighbours and other advanced countries.