ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party yesterday said another much larger swarm of locust had hit Thar but the federal government was allegedly unmoved. “Plant protection and eradicating locust was the duty of that Federal Ministry, but the cries of the local farmers whose crops have been destroyed and continuous appeals of the provincial government have been falling on deaf years,” said PPP leader Taj Haider said. “Locust attacks in Sindh and Southern Punjab have been continuing for the last six months. The government of Sindh has made arrangements for ground spray of pesticides out of its own resources, but nothing short of areal spray on the swarms and their breeding grounds can eradicate calamity. Forty percent of the ready cotton crop and other crops have already been lost,” he said. The earlier locust swarms, after causing immense damage have migrated after laying eggs in the desert. The fresh swarms of millions of locusts were formed when the eggs had hatched after recent rains.