Science and technology play an important role for the development and advancement of country. Because we are living such a competitive world where science and technology have an immense importance. Countries which have strong economically and socially, politically that have invested in science and human resources. Without technology and science, it is tough for a nation to step forward towards the development and prosperous. The science connects the society in every sphere of life.

Today the most developed countries have invested in science and technology like China, America, Germany are most powerful countries in the world. Their people have walked on moon and different planets of this universe. It is important to noted that Pakistan is suffering miserable conditions due to climate change, terrorism, poverty, corruption, unemployment, illiteracy and some of the growing issues because they have not valued the science and human resources. Pakistan is one of the beautiful lands which is full of countless resources like gold, gas, iron, petroleum and when it comes in term of agriculture, it shares 50 per cent GDP of the country.

But unfortunately, due to lack of modern techniques and technology, it has been failed to take benefits from all natural resources. One of the weak areas of country is not implementing news policies and plannings. At the absence of policies and plannings, Pakistan is in grave threat by climate change, disasters, economic growth, globalisation, migration and urbanization. It is the responsibility of government to take a policymaking step to invest in science and human resources that are main reason of changing the history of Pakistan and country’s future because God has gifted us different resources but they are not used properly.