Enough of lamenting and complaining about the lack of world attention towards Kashmiris’ plight and international conscience not arousing to the expected level etc. Some of the so called friendly countries’ disappointing attitude when it came to supporting Pakistan’s stance as that of against Indian view point, and so on and so forth. It seems many amongst us have either not understood the principles of international relations and world politics or are deliberately trying to lull the general population into an artificial endless game with well-known results. We need to stand up and brace up for some worthwhile activity.

World has already done enough, and for that we need to appreciate the efforts of our Foreign Office, Pakistani and Kashmiri diasporas and the local and international media.

Three basic changes in the attitude of the world can be clearly discerned:

1. International civil societies especially in the West and USA now have a fair idea about the location of Kashmir, genesis of the dispute and the UN obligations.

2. The indigenous Freedom Movement whenever it picks up again is not likely to be labeled as terrorism.

3. The Indian narrative of ‘Pakistan providing illegitimate support to the movement’ will not get the traction as earlier.

There has been Congressional Hearings on Kashmir situation in USA; also Germany, UK, EU, etc. have spoken favorably. Turkey, Malaysia have supported the cause to the chagrin of Indian Government, to an extent that the two even faced economic losses.

Iran, in spite of certain hiccups with Pakistan, came out with bold statements against Indian atrocities. China wholeheartedly siding with Pakistan’s stance and Russian neutrality, abode well within the regional settings. So what else are we expecting? What do we want the world to do for us; especially once we ourselves are not ready to take any further practical steps to alleviate the difficulties of our brethren in Kashmir? First we need to ask ourselves what else we can do to help the brothers and sisters of IOK, which in fact would be helping ourselves. Kashmiris are fighting Pakistan’s War, only if we understand the implications of long term Indian designs about our water and subsequently food security. Quaid calling it a jugular vein was not rhetoric, but he really meant it, which some of us in Pakistan still fail to understand. Some of our elites have given up on Kashmir cause. Many of us wrongly think that if we resolve the Kashmir issue with Indian face saving, future would be bright, with a great neighbor turning friendly. It is a great fallacy. Yes, all-out war between two nuclear neighbors is nearly impossible, but that should not deter us from undertaking legitimate, diplomatic, political, legal, psychological and military postures to safeguard our interests. Nuclear parity is an enabler and should not be converted into a self-inflicting weakness.

Now let us analyze what Pakistan can itself do, after a comparatively better environment has been created at international level, which gives us more room to act. First we need to act in the political realm. Like abrogation of Simla Agreement that has actually been unilaterally violated by India, not once but a number of times. Conversion of Line of Control into Ceasefire Line likely to have positive implications for Freedom Movement, whenever it picks up again. Secondly government in Exile for IOK population be created in some third country, preferably in EU. There is an argument against this step quoting that Azad Kashmir Constitution already caters for that. In my opinion this argument has become stale and outdated and a renewed effort required in this direction. Thirdly and importantly in my opinion, we should approach UN to arrange for partial plebiscite under their own supervision in all the districts wherever it is possible. This way Gilgit Baltistan, and AK can be converted into integral areas/provinces of Pakistan but with special status till plebiscite becomes possible in IOK. Many voices will be raised against this proposal citing many legal and practical angles, but we need to discuss its merits threadbare. Registration of Kashmiris in IOK and abroad should also be demanded, to offset the Indian designs of demographic changes.

We also need to collect data on War Crimes committed by Indian occupation forces and take the folders with undeniable proofs to relevant international forums. International Red Cross be moved to provide food and medicines to the besieged and hapless Kashmiris facing such a long curfew and blackout by Indian Occupation Forces. We are likely to get enough international support for all these steps.

We are in a habit of providing nearly free services or at paltry returns to our historical masters The United States of America. We helped them (rightly or wrongly) to defeat erstwhile Soviet Union, even today meaningfully assisting them to resolve their issues with Afghan Taliban. And with what returns? Rather than succumbing to IMF and FATF diktats we could have requested them to put pressure on their strategic partner India for lifting the curfew and removing the blackout allowing international investigative teams to find out the real situation in the valley. But, those involved seem to be too impressed and dominated, that they cannot raise such demands. Doing all these extra services in the garb of economic weakness that in few opinions has been instituted deliberately by the same power, is just a step away from slavery.

We have full knowledge of what Kalbhushan and his network was doing to us. The threats of Modi, Indian Defense Minister and their NSA are well known to us. And what is our narrative in return? They are talking of attacking AK and GB that they have already shown in their official maps as their integral part. We have not taken any of these things seriously whereas there is a history that shows they did whatever they said. Our statements have been weak and defensive. Rather than saying that we will make IOK a graveyard for the one million occupation forces, we seem to be waiting for India to attack first. That will also happen one day, when they feel that the time is right for them (weaken or eliminate Freedom Movement, Induct SV 400, induct Rafael Aircraft etc.). Because Kashmir cannot be assimilated by India without subduing Pakistan. By God, they have already attacked.... with boots on our jugular vein. What else would constitute an attack? What is our definition of attack?

In our pursuit to become ‘Good Boys’, we seem to be compromising on our vital national interests that are also an integral part of our Constitution. Such attitude is unworthy of a Nuclear Power of 220 million people. We at least have the right to do to India what they have been, and still doing to us in a Hybrid War settings. All our inactions are wrongly attributed to own precarious situation. Hiding behind economic weakness is unpardonable. Allah Will never Forgive us for abandoning our brothers and sisters at the mercy of Indian juggernaut. It is against all principles of politics, ethics and religion.

Are we:-

Waiting for Allah?

Waiting for the world to come to our help?

Waiting for Kashmiris to get fatigued

and exhausted?

We need to remember that:-

Allah never helps those who do not

help themselves.

Nation is as brave as its leaders