ISLAMABAD - Pakistan will foil India’s bid to become permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, officials said yesterday.

Foreign Office spokesperson Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri said India did not deserve to be the permanent member of the UNSC due to its human rights track record.

“This is just an Indian propaganda. They have no support to become permanent UNSC member,” he told The Nation.

Chaudhri said India had broken all records of human rights violations in occupied Kashmir.

Earlier, speaking at UN General Assembly, Pakistan’s Permanent Representative Ambassador Munir Akram said one country has waged 20 wars since independence and fomented terrorism and instability across the region, especially in Pakistan.

“We have clear and ample evidence of this state-sponsored terrorism,” the Pakistani envoy told the 193-member GA, which is debating reforms aimed at making the UN body more representative, responsive, democratic and transparent.

“It (India) stands in violation of UNSC resolutions in occupied Kashmir,” Akram said, adding that it had deployed 900,000 troops to crush the Kashmiri people’s legitimate freedom struggle. In addition, settlers from outside Jammu and Kashmir were being brought in to transform the region’s demography, he said.

“It threatens aggression against Pakistan and resorts to daily artillery and small arms fire targeting innocent civilians on our side of the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir.

He said, “this country (India)” has no qualification for a UNSC membership – permanent or even non-permanent.

Full-scale negotiations to reform the council began in the General Assembly in February 2009 on several key areas. These include the question of veto, regional representation, membership, the working methods of the council and its relationship with the GA.

Despite a general agreement on enlarging the council, member states remain sharply divided over the details.

The G4 countries have shown no flexibility in their campaign to expand the council by 10 seats, with six additional permanent and four non-permanent members.

This week, Pakistan briefed the P5 envoys about the growing involvement of India in terrorism targeting the neighbours, especially Pakistan.

Pakistan provided evidences to envoys of the UN Security Council permanent members on Indian involvement in fanning terrorism inside its territory.

“The ambassadors were briefed at the FO about India’s plans to destabilise Pakistan. A dossier containing the proof was provided to them,” said Zahid Hafeez Chaudhri. He said the envoys were told that India’s action and adventurism was a threat to the regional peace.

The P5 envoys were urged to take up the issue with their respective governments for the sake of peace in the region and the world.