ISLAMABAD - Amid start of Coronavirus [COVID-19] second wave and increasing number of cases in the country, the lawmakers will hold a debate in the upcoming session of the National Assembly to chalk out a strategy to avoid pandemic.  The opposition parties would try to submit adjournment motion in the National Assembly Secretariat to discuss the pandemic issue in length. The cases of Coronavirus, in its second wave, have reported on average over 2,000 cases in the country. The government has recently banned public rallies due to Coronvirus. However, the opposition has rejected the government’s new order in the wake of COVID-19. The upcoming session of the National Assembly is likely to be summoned by the end of this week by President Arif Alvi. According to reports, the COVID-19 has claimed 37 more lives in the country only during the last 24 hours. The number of overall cases has risen to 363,380 while 37 new deaths reported in the last 24 hours has taken the death toll to 7,230,till Wednesday.

The National Assembly has already conducted a debate on Coronavirus [COVID-19] around five months ago in the house. The lawmakers could not reach on consensus to call virtual session of the National Assembly. A large numbers of MNAs were tested positive for Coronvirus in its second wave.  The opposition would also express reservations for not taking opinions from the parliamentary opposition parties about the decision of opening the educational institutes in the country. The government side is all set to take a big decision about the education institutes in upcoming Inter-Provincial Committee (IPC). The departments concerned have recommended closing the primary schools from 24th November. 

It would not be out of place to mention here that despite instructions from the Speaker National Assmebly Asad Qaiser to maintain social distance in the house the lawmakers were not taking care of it.

Political pundits commented that though the lawmakers were interested in conducting debate on Coronavirus yet they were not seen maintaining social distance to avoid spread of COVID-19. The lawmakers in their protests in the house, especially from the opposition, were seen gathered around the speaker’s podium without maintaining social distance.