KHANEWAL - Punjab Food Authority (PFA) sealed two fake-milk manufacturing factories located at different areas of tehsil Mian Channu on Wednesday morning. According to DG Food Authority Irfan Maimon the raid was conducted on tip off at Talamba factory, where milk was being prepared with mixing of polluted form of powder and substandard ghee. A similar raid was also held at Siraj Dairy Shop situated at Thana Road. It was also closed for fake milk preparation on the spot. About 190 litre material branded as Aghaz ghee, 50 litre fake milk, 20 kg powder and a chiller was taken into custody.

Irfan Maimon stated on the occasion that fictitious and adulterated milk used to cause shortening of children’ upbringing. He said there was no place for adulteration mafia in the Punjab as PFA was determined to chase them in every nooks and corners of the province.