ISLAMABAD - The controversial statement by PML-N leader Ayaz Sadiq on the release of cap­tured Indian pilot was an attempt to destabilize the country for vested in­terests and turn a victory into defeat.

Terming it “an unforgiveable crime”, a senior security official yesterday said “such misleading and factually incor­rect statements were deliberately be­ing made” by the PML-N leaders to safeguard their vested interests.

The official said unfortunately, such irresponsible statements were fully in line with the enemy’s agenda of dis­torting the country’s image interna­tionally. He pointed that the narrative built by Ayaz Sadiq provided the Indian media an opportunity to unleash prop­aganda against Pakistan.

He regretted that a political party made the matter of national pride controver­sial and portrayed Pakistan’s success as its defeat. However, he said the nation has rejected the anti-Pakistan narrative of Ayaz Sadiq and others. “Issuing false statements on matters of national secu­rity was tantamount to committing trea­son with the country,” he said and added the law must take its course to stop such attempts to damage Pakistan’s national institutions in future.

Issuing false statements on matters of national security was tantamount to committing treason with the country

The official said instead of tender­ing an apology, Ayaz Sadiq and his par­ty had been adamant in defending their lethal statement. Ayaz Sadiq said at the floor of the house that Wing Command­er Abhinandan Varthaman was re­leased as the country feared an attack by India. The Indian pilot was captured by Pakistani army on Feb 27, 2019 af­ter his MiG-21 aircraft was shot down by Pakistan Air Force after it intruded inside the country.

“It seems that the main objective of these statements is to create chaos and sabotage economic stability in the country, only to avoid the ongoing ac­countability process.”

He said, the Armed Forces and the people of Pakistan would never let that happen and added that there are cer­tain “red lines” related to Pakistan’s national interests that must not be crossed by anyone, as it causes irrepa­rable damage. The official also said the Armed Forces of Pakistan were sacri­ficing their lives while defending the motherland and the whole nation rec­ognised these supreme sacrifices of the Pakistan Army‘s valiant soldiers for their motherland. The official said Pa­kistan came into being on ideological basis and all those who tried to damage it have been fully exposed. The state­ment by Ayaz Sadiq was an attempt to weaken the State and transform the de­feat of the enemy into its victory.

“More worrying fact is that he has shown no regret over his remarks, nei­ther has any other leader from his par­ty nor from other opposition parties,” he added.

The official pointed that it was en­couraging that some saner voices from within PML-N had come out to open­ly condemn the remarks by the former Speaker National Assembly to stoke in­stability in the country.

He said such attitude clearly reflect­ed that some members of the PML-N were more loyal to a family than their motherland.

“The 220 million Pakistanis adore their armed forces and country … the nation has always stood with them and will continue to do so,” he added.