Mardan - Hundreds of activists of Pakistan people’s party Mardan chapter staged a protest rally against the alleged rigging in Gilgit-Baltistan elections in front of Mardan Press Club on Wednesday.   The protesters chanted slogans against the PTI government for alleged rigging in the GB elections. Speaking on the occasion, PPP Divisional President Shaukat Hayat Advocate, former District President Muhammad Sajjad Khan and Women’s Wing Mardan Division President Aqila Sumbal rejected the GB election results and said that they would not accept the election results.  They urged the Election Commission to announce fresh elections in GB immediately. They said that the PPP was the party of poor people of the country and it would always raise the voice of the rights of the poor. “The PTI government has broken all records through alleged rigging in Gilgit-Baltistan elections.”  

The speakers said that PPP would launch a systematic awareness campaign against the security and uncertain situation in the country and against the alleged rigging in the Gilgit-Baltistan elections. They said that PPP was not ready to accept rigged elections under any circumstances.