I have been delighted to learn that our lady parliamentarians are going to get eight million rupees each for development purposes. How nice No doubt, the charity begins from 'homemakers of the parliamentarians. Is the job of our legislators to build footpaths, cover manholes with lids, fill potholes in the roads, lay (faulty) floors in streets and add a few bulbs to the streetlights? Everyone knows these grants are nothing but a straightforward bribe to keep the government in tact. In my view, the best use of this grant would be to tell the 'beneficiaries to go around the world shopping. But this, I think, they might already be doing since there is no audit and no accountability for these funds. When the judiciary became free, we thought it would show some spine to end this kind of corruption. The free judiciary, we were sure, would recover the written off loans and would examine all the crocodiles by the muzzles who are living beyond their means. We thought the judiciary would check out whether all the ministers and Waderas have submitted correct lists of their assets. Alas, nothing happened Only Nawaz Sharif got some benefit from the free judiciary and that is all. -KHAN GULBAZ KHAN, Peshawar, October 17.