Eight militants including a militant commander have been killed and several others wounded as operation 'Rah-e- Nijat is on in South Waziristan. According to sources, clashes continued between security forces and militants in Khesor and Shahvangi areas. A militant commander among eight militants killed during forces offensive. Security forces pounding militants positions by gunship helicopters, fighter jets and heavy artillery in Laddha, Makken, Sam and other adjoining areas. The death toll of militants killed during three-day action has risen to 33. On the other hand, mass evacuation from the affected areas. However, people migrating towards safer places facing difficulties due to non-availability of transport because of the curfew. Forces gunship helicopters pounding over the positions of the militants in South Waziristan tribal region amid reports of militants casualties in Khaisur and Shah Wangi regions as the troops take over the control of Shah Wangi on Monday. The troops advancement continued in the militants hotbed in the South Waziristan region, security forces said. The military has taken control of the Shah Wangi area after fighting with militants. A foreign news agency citing intelligence officials reported that at least eight more militants died Monday in a fierce battle in the Khaisur area, where they were coming closer to troop positions. The army said Sunday that 60 militants and six soldiers have been killed since the offensive began Saturday. The military offensive is focused on eliminating Taliban militants linked to the Mehsud tribe. Some 10,000 Pakistani militants and about 1,500 foreign fighters are believed to operate in the region. Accounts from residents and those fleeing Sunday suggested that the some 30,000 troops pushing through South Waziristan from three directions face tougher resistance than in the Swat Valley. As many as 150,000 civilians possibly more have left in recent months after the army made clear it was planning an assault, but some 350,000 people may be left in the region.