ISLAMABAD - Scores of activists of banned outfit, Hizbul-Tehrir, on Sunday staged a protest demonstration here in front of Nawa-i-Waqt House building against the apprehension of their 31 companions on Saturday by the capital police. The participants of the demo vowed that they would continue, what they called their 'non-military political struggle till the ouster of US troops from the region. Addressing the gathering, the speakers strongly condemned the arrest of Hizbut-Tehrir activists and said that the representatives of Blackwater and Dyna Corp were freely rooming across the federal capital while the law enforcement officials were busy in arresting their own peaceful countrymen. They were of the view that the other day arrest of Hizbul-Tehrir activists was a reaction as they raised voice against the ongoing military operation in Waziristan. They termed the recent arrest of the activists as an eye-opener evidence of the governments nervousness. Protesters also condemned the US Senator, John Kerrys proposed visit to Pakistan and said that he would arrive here to micromanage the internal affairs of the country. It is pertinent to note here that on Saturday the Capital Police had arrested some 31 activists of banned organisation Hizbul-Tehrir under Anti-Terrorism Act from a house in F-8/3 when they, according to the police, were busy in a secret meeting. Police had also impounded 15 vehicles parked in and outside the house besides confiscation of computers and objectionable print material and pamphlets after a through search of the house. It is also relevant to note here that the detained activists of the banned organidation were highly educated and most of them were engineerd by profession including a staffer of US-Aid project in Pakistan. According to a police official, the accused were not produced before the court on Sunday owing to security reasons. The police will produce the detained activists before a judge on Monday for further proceeding of the case, the police said.