Rahul Gandhi has mocked Indians for being 'obsessed about Pakistan, which in his perception is just a small piece of land. His outburst is in consonance with the supercilious attitude of the Congress-led government. India has cautioned China to stop assisting Pakistan on projects in Azad Kashmir. It is also, in a fit of pique, winding up plans to build a dam on a segment of the Brahamputra River that lies within China. Further on, it has accused China of occupying 43,180 square kilometers of Kashmir territory. During his visits to Arunachal Pradesh on January 31 and February 1, 2009, Manmohan Singh, at public rallies, referred to the 'state as our land of the rising sun. In reply, China has reminded India that it is illegally occupying 90,000 square kilometers of Chinese territory, mostly in Arunachal Pradesh. Rahul Gandhis remarks reflect this young mans lack of historical perspective. He has to be reminded that: (a) Pakistan is a sovereign state, not a protectorate of India. (b) India went to the UNO for mediation on the Kashmir question. Several countries of the world do not care a fig for Indias Kashmir claims. Despite its best efforts, India has never been able to get Pakistan de-hyphenated from India on international disputes. (c) The two countries have fought several wars and quasi-wars (military standoffs) because of the Kashmir dispute. (d) Without Pakistans cooperation, Manmohan Singh cannot implement his idea of making borders irrelevant. (e) Without Pakistans help, India is unlikely to be able to smother the wave of militancy across its several states. (f) Pakistans nukes are no less reliable than Indias. -AEIMEN MALIK, Rawalpindi, October 17.